Pesticides are defined as: a substance meant for attracting and then destroying, or mitigating any pest, and are a class of biocide.

Granted, that is the technical definition …with the more “public knowledge” format being along the lines of: Pesticides = Unnatural + Unhealthy.

So for those of you who would prefer to grow a harvest that is as nature intended, we thought we would share some gardening tips that can help you understand the positives and negative effects of pesticides.  Use this information for your upcoming 2015 crop and reap the benefits this objective can have on your health.

Growing an All-Natural Garden

Gardens and chemicals do not sound like a match made in heaven but what a lot of people don’t understand is the difference between natural and unnatural chemical compounds.  Devoted gardeners want fruits and vegetables that are not only edible, but also healthy.  It’s especially beneficial to flowerbed gardening to know which is which in order to grow naturally healthy blooms without killing off the bees that pollinate within them.

So how do you maintain a garden without using harmful chemicals?  Here are some tips :

Create a Healthy Foundation

Soil is the foundation from which healthy plants grow out of, and it is important that you change, compost, or supplement your soil regularly in order to keep the nutrients within it consumable for your vegetation.

Test Your Soil Regularly

Understanding the composition of your soil is an important part in ensuring it is not being contaminated by surrounding gardens with un-natural pesticides. It is also important to know which nutrients need to be added to your soil to maintain the healthy foundation we mentioned.

Protect Your Plants and Soil

Spring is when you should begin your composting process, ensuring that you are keeping your plants protected with organic mulch after each growth cycle is complete.

These are just a few of the preliminary steps to take in order to maintain an un-natural pesticide free environment. Check back in on our next blog, where we reveal what good chemicals to watch for in order to keep your garden pest free and growing optimal crops!

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