This week we’re taking a break from the video series we’ve been following to follow up on a cool photo we were sent.  Somebody sent us this photo (above) of a tree bursting with apples but no leaves!  Its a pretty bizarre sight to behold but is more common than you might think, depending on where you are.  We’re calling it the leafless orchard phenomenon.  This often happens when there is mild weather well through the fall and into the winter season.  Although the weather may be dreary and raining enough for the trees to recognize that it’s time to drop their leaves, their fruit don’t react the same to the conditions.  This can also be caused by infrequent frost; killing the leaves but allowing fruit to remain.  On that same note, in the late winter, trees will sometimes begin baring fruit earlier than their leaves begin to sprout if the winter was warm enough.  If you see more like this or some other cool phenomenon you need identified, send us your photos!  As always, we love it when you send us your questions and comments and let us know what you’d like us to write about next!  Keep calm and garden on.

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