Increase Soil Health with Grazing Animals & Mulch

In our continued effort to reiterate the importance of soil health, we wanted to touch on how grazing animals could positively impact soil.

Now we are not talking about mass farming initiatives, but more the benefits of, say – a hobby farm. Overgrazing caused by the overrun of mass farm productions, can erode the soil as well as create mass gas emissions.

Unfortunately, the meat industry in the US has literally millions of various kinds of livestock, and their operations do not incorporate soil regeneration practices. Far too often this industry takes from the soil, and then do not ensure it is fertilized and cared for properly – instead, they simply move on to “greener pastures.”

The parasiticides that go along with this type of farming destroys the dung beetles responsible for breaking down cow patties. Dung beetles have the capacity to spread nutrients into neighbouring areas, acting as a natural fertilization process. So by removing this important critter, they are removing an important part of the process required for the regeneration of the soil.

Mulch & Soil Health

Using a protective ground cover comprised of bark mulch, hay or wood chips is a low cost and simple way to optimize soil microbiology. Taking these measures replicates what would naturally occur under prime conditions, allowing for a ground cover of leaves, twigs, and stems, which break down slowly over time and create naturally renewed soil.

The longer you leave this covering of bark mulch over your soil, and the deeper you implement this covering, the richer the topsoil will be and the deeper it will run – cutting down on weeding and irrigation needs among other benefits.

Not only can using mulch generate a soil that is 10 times higher in nutrients than the soil left to it’s own devices alongside it, but this covering also serves as an insulation for your soil, keeping your summer and winter garden well regulated from the elements.

At Growing Society, we believe strongly in taking control of your health and choosing your food and your food sources wisely.  We hope our posts on the importance of soil has helped to further educate you on the natural process of homegrown food, and would love to answer any questions you might have via our Facebook page !

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