Soil is the building block from which fruits and vegetables are birthed, and with the increased use of chemicals in our soil, the pace in which it is being destroyed is alarming.

GMO’s …Big business causing bad soil

GMO’s are a mono-culture growing system based off of genetically engineered food, and is chalk full of agrichemicals. The word “chemical” is self-explanatory in stating that it is entirely an unnatural process from which to grow, and it is rapidly destroying the fertility of a normally self-replenishing ecosystem.

This mono-culture system is neither creating healthy food nor healthy soil, and as such – it has created a flurry of conversation and controversy among growers.  A new documentary that was recently released – “Symphony of the Soil” – provides discussions by some of the world’s most esteemed scientists, farmers, and activists, and is as visually stunning as it is educational – on the topic of soil and how it is being altered irreversibly along with your food source. This documentary is a must see for those of you are truly passionate about growing, and you want to understand what is being done to our planets land.  By watching this documentary you are educating yourself on this soil-sensitive subject, and we feel education is a vital part in the solution to keeping our soil clear of harmful toxins and irreversible damage. And by arming ourselves with this knowledge, we can come together with others who feel the same passion for growing healthy food from a untarnished source – our soil! At Growing Society, we offer information from a collaboration of growers who are passionate about using gardening as a way to create their own food. We feel gardening provides sustainability for homes and communities alike, combining your health and your food consumption into a joint effort. If we all contribute to creating our own trusted food source, it can positively impacts our environment – now and for years to come. Join us in our efforts to keep the planet the natural ecosystem it was intended to be!

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