Planters, often used synonymous with pots, play a big part in the world of agriculture from home gardening to commercial greenhouse growing.  Whether you have one large terracotta planter sitting outside to accentuate your front stoop or you have a thousand small plastic planters in your greenhouse out back there is something here you probably didn’t know.  Before you start growing, know what planters are best suited to your chosen plant.  This next series of posts will highlight individual styles and materials most commonly used and some that aren’t so common.  Today we discuss :


Cachepots or Double pots, not made out of any material in specific are more or less large ornamental containers that are used to conceal cheap and ugly pots that are more suited for growing than aesthetic.  They can serve other purposes though, like being a good way to check where your plants may look and grow best without having to permanently re-pot there.  If you have a few you can swap the contents around to optimize the most time in the sun and shade for each plant or just because you want to switch things up.  When a cachepot is too tall, which is often a problem; Styrofoam can be a simple fix.  Just throw some under the grow pot to make it level and it can also assist with drainage.  You can even make a cache pot yourself by lining a basket unsuitable for planting with plastic.

Anything can double as a Cachepot.  Event this ceramic boot.  Get creative with it, then send us photos via our facebook and there’s a good chance we’ll share them on our page!

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