Planters, often used synonymous with pots, play a big part in the world of agriculture from home gardening to commercial greenhouse growing.  Whether you have one large terracotta planter sitting outside to accentuate your front stoop or you have a thousand small plastic planters in your greenhouse out back there is something here you probably didn’t know.  Before you start growing, know what planters are best suited to your chosen plant.  This next series of posts will highlight individual styles and materials most commonly used and some that aren’t so common.  Today we discuss :


Fabric pots, although relatively new, are becoming a popular choice very quickly.  A large reason for this is the aeration being such a huge benefit.  With the extra oxygen flowing through the sides the roots are naturally pruned by the dry air which causes more roots to shoot off further back on the exposed root.  This helps to generate a larger network of spread roots soaking up water and nutrients to increase your yields.  In a pot with a solid exterior it is not uncommon for a plant’s roots to hit the side and then continue growing downwards around the edge in a spiral.  This process is called being root bound, causing the roots to lock up and take in minimal nutrients and water.  Many have handles which can make moving them around a breeze and are made to be UV resistant.  Also much easier to move or store through the winter months in their collapsed state which resembles that of a shopping bag.


Their flexibility makes repotting easy and the material allows for good drainage.  The pots come in a large variety of sizes and colors and as they gain momentum your options will only expand.  But if aesthetic is still an issue, a nice thing about the fabric pots is that you can fit them into other decorative (cache) pots while retaining the benefits of the fabric.  The only real complaint we have to note is that the pots can lean a little if the soil is not well watered in.  Although largely regarded as a temporary home for plants by most, that opinion is shifting as people come to recognize the fabric pot’s durability and convenience.

If you’d like to give fabric pots a try, we highly recommend Geopot.

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