If you’re like me you probably clicked the link to this article with your hands in your pocket primed to pull out a handful of skepticism.  But what we’re talking about is actually backed by a lot of research and more interestingly Mythbusters!  Back in the 1960’s an interrogation specialist with the CIA by the name of Cleve Backster expanded on some previous research done in the early 1900’s by attaching a polygraph test to a plant.  Whatever inspired this line of work, be it boredom or curiosity resulted in some pretty cool findings.  A polygraph tests the differences in electrical resistance, and when attached to a plant seemed to result in a different pattern based on whether the plant was yelled at, played soothing music for, watered or physically harmed.  His work even goes as far as to say that the plant would react to brine shrimp being boiled and other bacteria/plants being harmed and to human thought.

Mythbusters later did a special attempting to repeat some of Cleve Backster’s work that had immediate and explosive results!  Find the video here :  https://youtu.be/fStmk7e9lJo BUT it was later said that the cause could have been the vibrations in the container setting off the polygraph so their results are inconclusive.  Check it out and let us know what you think!  More on this soon!

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