So as per usual fall has arrived and your children are out in the yard raking up the leaves while you lounge inside wrapped in a blanket with the latest trending iteration of a hot pumpkin spice beverage.  But this year don’t have them put the leaves in bags to be dragged away, put them to good use.  Our first recommendation, and probably the easiest; is to simply pile all of your leaves in a corner of your yard.  Give it six months or so and you’ll have ripe compost full of awesome nutrients to be mixed in with your spring soil.  Another similar use is to simply spread a thin layer of smaller leaves across your garden beds forming a layer of protection that will eventually compost into beneficial nutrients for your soil.  To compost your leaves faster in both situations shred them.  Another neat use for them (that we haven’t yet tested ourselves) is to pile them around pots (in bags if you have to) creating cheap insulation for the soil and protection of the roots.

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