Most gardeners can tell you a story or two about moles and I would bet not many of them are positive.  As good as a mole can be for an environment (providing food for larger birds and owls that are critical to an ecosystem, aerating the soil and eating insect larvae) they are more often a nuisance.  If it’s just a lawn you’ve got to worry about you’re lucky, enough moles can make quick work of a small home vegetable garden.  And if the sporadic mounds of dirt across your lawn don’t bother you, you may also want to consider the threat which that lawn now poses to your safety.  If a mole digs an expansive enough tunnel system below your lawn it will leave low spots that can become a serious tripping hazard.  For these reasons and your diminishing crop you may want to consider getting rid of them.

The first step to getting rid of moles is identifying them.  A mole leaves a ‘volcano’ style dirt mound in its wake, pushing the dirt it displaces right out of the ground and onto the surface with its hole in the center while a groundhog will leave a smaller ‘side pile’ next to its hole due to its differing digging technique which merely pushes the soil to its sides as it digs.  Getting rid of moles, which are insectivores and not rodents, is much harder than you might think.  Prior to the year 2000 there was a trapping method similar to that of a mouse or rat trap but they have since been outlawed for reasons of cruelty.  Although we don’t recommend it nor condone illegal activity these traps are still widely sold across the states and Canada in local hardware stores and are otherwise easily available.  Other websites might recommend such archaic methods as waiting with a sledgehammer outside its mound in the early morning for when it comes above the earth pushing out soil in order to give it a good whack but in all honesty; the best method of being rid of a mole is to borrow your neighbor’s dog or cat.

If you have moles, we’re sorry and good luck!  Message us your mole stories and we’ll post some on our page next week!  Care for your garden and protect your veggies! Beware of moles!!

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