Turning Your Condo Patio into a Garden

Let’s face it. Your condo patio is often an under-utilized space just waiting to be put to good use and most people can’t afford to drop a few hundred-thousand dollars on a hydroponic system. So why not consider turning your condo patio into a garden?

Whether you rent or own your condo space, creating a container garden falls within the allowable spectrum of strata rights, and it is a fairly simple way to control your garden growth while creating your own food source.

Plants can be moved according to their lighting needs, and can be easily transported indoors if need be.

Although you might have thought a garden was only possible with a home containing a yard space, this isn’t true. Any apartment or condo, or even townhouse without a green space, is capable of growing fresh veggies,  and we encourage you to try it out as the season for planting is set to arrive!

Tips for Turning Your Patio Space Into a Vegetable Garden

We recommend starting with 4″ plants that have already established some growth, as this will give the novice gardener a head start on the process, and eliminate worry regarding the germination process and the proper planting routine.

Popular choices of pre-grown plants include: tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, carrots, peppers, lettuce, beans, spinach and a delicious variety of herbs.

As much as we can understand the desire to grow as many veggies as possible on your patio, make sure your containers offer enough space for plants as they mature. Don’t get overly excited and grow too many items, as this will discourage your plant growth due to over-growth.

Ensure you are watering sufficiently, and your containers offer appropriate drainage. Plants in containers dry out quickly, so be sure to water them at least once a day throughout the summer. Frequent watering also means the soil will become depleted of nutrients more quickly, so keep some water-soluble fertilizer on hand for optimal growth.

Living in a “concrete jungle” should not eliminate you from growing your own sustainable food source. At Growing Society, we proudly promote growing your own food, having a appreciation for the benefits it offers both people and the environment!

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