First Watch : Teachings Of The Garden Sage Lesson 9

What did we learn?

In a drain to waste system, it is definitely better to have a fast draining medium that allows for run-off.  This way you can saturate to the point of run-off so that you can test the ppm as well as know for certain that you have the maximum amount of water in the root zone.  This will keep you from over-watering because a fast draining medium will dry also faster.  In the other scenario you will more than likely have to pick up your pots to know when they’re dry by their weight before you can water them again.

Without run-off you’re always feeding them a bit of water because hardly ever will your root zone fully dry out before you water it again.  This is technically over-watering although it may not have the visible negative effects you would typically associate with it.  Roots reach for water so if you’re over-watering, you’re not going to get the roots extending as far out as they can, reaching maximum capacity and allowing for a greater uptake of nutrients.  Run-off will allow you to have your system run wet, then dry, wet, then dry so you can maintain steady root growth.  During bloom this is less important but in the early life of the plant it can play a huge factor in the outward growth of your roots and the success of your plants.

We hope you learned something and stop in next week to see what The Garden Sage is up to!

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