First Watch : Teachings Of The Garden Sage Lesson 3

What did we learn?

Bloom Enhancing has become somewhat of a buzzword in gardening over these last few years.  As neighbours fight for the nicest yard and municipalities host gardening contests and shows more and more people are interested in the use of PK Spikes (P being  Phosphorous and K being Potassium) to get that competitive edge.  For vegetable growers however, bigger flowers often means a bigger crop.  Not only does this video discuss the differences in a line of bloom enhancers, it also pitches Terpinator as a terpene booster, generating a stronger aroma and the flavour of your plants naturally.  We here at Growing Society have had great success with Massive and you can see for yourself where it has been used by Brock Hughes in our video section.  Check out his next video this coming week and stay tuned for more follow-ups.  As always send us your pictures and feel free to comment here or on our Facebook page!

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