First watch : Teachings of The Garden Sage Lesson 2 : Organic vs. Synthetic

What did we learn?

Nutrients aren’t the number one factor.  This video, although short, illustrates a pretty important point with that statement.  We see people fussing a lot about which to use and what has better health benefits vs yields etc. but a lot of it comes down to the preference of the consumer.  People have been trained to think that synthetic = poison but this is not the case.  Synthetics that have been made by sloppy scientists out to make a quick buck can be, but with some research you can easily weed them out (pun intended.)  The type of ‘organic’ certification a product has can also say a lot about the legitimacy of a product and what it contains, not all ‘organic’ products are truly as organic as they say.  In short : Do your research.  If you don’t have a preference and you’re smart about what you choose, synthetic is probably the way to go.  Get the best bang for your buck with a better product in bigger yields I say.  Not all of us here at Growing Society would agree though.  What do you think?  Do you grow synthetic or organic?

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