First Watch : Teachings Of The Garden Sage Lesson 14

What did we learn?

In this video we learnt that one of the most important factors in achieving maximum yield in a grow room is temperature control.  This is crucial.  Not only do we need to control it. We need to monitor it. And how do we do this?

An indispensable tool in your indoor garden to measure temperature is what we call a min/max which is very inexpensive. All it does is measure minimum and maximum temps and humidity. It’s very common to be able to get this item with a probe, which we can actually place right at the plant canopy.

Now this is important. A lot of temperature control devices, for example a Cruise Temp, are very clearly  designed to encourage mounting it on the wall.  But if you mount it on the wall, you are now controlling your garden’s heating or cooling based on the temperature of the wall. You are not growing a wall (presumably). The temperature that matters is the temperature at the plant canopy. This is the temperature that we have to pay attention to in order to have accurate and complete control.

If we have our probe at plant canopy, we can come into our garden on a regular basis, ideally every day. Then we can check our min/max.  We can also check it at the unit itself and that way we know the minimum and maximum temperatures were okay while we weren’t there. We then know that none of our equipment was failing.

Not only do we have to control lights-on temperature, which should be 80 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, we have to control lights-off temperature. Lights-on temperature is controlled with cooling equipment, so we’re either using exhaust fans, air conditioners, chillers, or some other method of cooling; and then that method of cooling has to be controlled by cooling thermostats.

If we choose to utilize a cooling thermostat like the “Cruise Temp”.  It’s got a temperature-sensitive coil filled with hydraulic fluid.  It’s pretty accurate but if you place it on the wall, much like the min/max you are not going to have complete, accurate control of your garden. Really you should have some kind of way to hang this in and among your plant canopy.

Again, it’s not the temperature on the wall that matters. It’s the temperature at the plant canopy. High temperatures can cause all kinds of yield losses. They can cause your flowers to be light and fluffy and airy, not dense at all. They can also cause retarded growth and blight disease.

High temperatures have to be controlled and low temperatures have to be controlled.  Plants love consistency. Use these controls to give your plants a consistent environment and they again will reward you with that maximum yield.

This episode was long and we didn’t cover everything in this article so we highly encourage you to follow the link at the top of this article and check it out if you haven’t!  As always, we hope you enjoyed this article and the corresponding video, check back next week for the next in the series!

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