First Watch : Teachings Of The Garden Sage Lesson 11

What did we learn?

In this video we learned that the most natural way to keep your plants healthy and your crops healthy for you; is to not turn to pesticides when things get hairy, but to use nature’s natural predators to kill pests.  David goes on to talk about how some larger gardens and greenhouses even continue introducing new insects into their gardens to keep a healthy predator-to-pest ratio.  This is done to keep the pest problem under control rather than sacrifice maximum yield potential with pesticides and kill them all off.  This seems like the more expensive route but with crop yield fluctuation affected by pesticides it might be worth it depending on the size of your garden and whether or not you are growing organic.  David puts heavy emphasis on “natural balance” in this video and we are inclined to agree with him.  Not all pesticides are bad and some are quite natural themselves, but predator insects are an excellent option if you’d rather let mother nature battle it out in your gardener spraying it with chemicals.

As always, keep submitting your experiences and stories regarding pests and your personal solutions to the problems you’ve encountered in your gardens, we love hearing from you.  Have a great weekend and happy gardening!

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