First Watch : Teachings Of The Garden Sage Lesson 10

What did we learn?

In this video we learned that knowing the amount of medium required for the size of plant is very important. David Robinson uses a great analogy comparing pots to shoes: If you put a small child in shoes too large it will cause them to trip and stumble while a plant put into a pot that’s too big for it can seriously hinder the plant. This is caused by the imbalance of water to plant material, which can cause the soil to remain saturated with water longer than is healthy for the plant roots. The same could be said about the opposite, putting a big plant in a small pot will cause it to dry out too quickly. The general rule is one gallon of medium for every foot of plant material but the growth habits of a particular species or strain are important to know in the case that some may grow faster or taller than others. Lastly he tells us that if you take the time to transplant and be sure that your plants are in the right size container, you’re going to be rewarded with faster growth and bigger yields.

The man knows his stuff. Check back for more articles and lessons in the coming weeks! Have a great weekend and happy gardening!


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