Lemon cucumbers.  This odd plant, although in supermarkets in the states since 1894 remained pretty unknown of until recently.  Amidst this recent North American hipster culture seeking out the underground and ‘cool’ as well as a population becoming more interested in exploring new healthy dietary options, the lemon cucumber has been thrown into the spotlight.  The Lemon Cucumber is an interesting specimen in name alone considering the fact that the cucumber is already a fruit that is often mistaken for a vegetable; it’s a fruit disguised as a vegetable disguised as a fruit.  They’re also known by the name apple cucumber or Dosakai.  They’re a burpless variety of cucumber which means they are sweeter in taste and lack the bitter edge that most cucumbers are known for.  There’s a bit more out there on how to grow them, some people argue they’re easy to grow while others say they can be of moderate difficulty but it largely depends on your climate.  In an area with full sun this plant’s vines are said to be ‘serpent-like’ and take over wherever they can climb.  Delicious raw and even more so when pickled, we highly recommend you hop on the trendy food train and try one out.  Until next week, enjoy!

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