Sectioning off a plot of lawn to begin a home-based garden is something a lot of individuals are taking on. Not only can growing your own produce cut down on the cost of your grocery bill, but it can also increase the level of your health.


Learning to dry, can, and preserve your home harvest, will enable you to provide a nutrient-rich and sustainable living for yourself and your family. Choosing to grow your own produce, and supplement that which you can’t grow from local farmers, will ensure your dollars are being spent within your local community – keeping your neighbourhood economy thriving.


At Growing Society, we recognize that eating from a locally produced plate of food is not a passing trend; rather it is a rapidly growing one. People are recognizing more than ever, that sustainable living includes local buying and growing your own food.

As we buzzed about in our previous post, major grocers carry foods that are picked green, mass labeled due to the various additives they require to stay on the shelves, and come from far-reaching places that might not have the same quality control as local farmers would.

The Benefits of Dining from a Local Plate …means eating real food grown in real time, that is picked when ready, resulting in increased nutrients and eco-friendly food. In addition to this, purchasing from farmers means purchasing from people who grow their food from a place of passion, with the old-fashioned purpose of nourishing the body.

As such, being your own local lawn farmer is definitely an undertaking that will need to be fueled by a passion as well, one that has the end-desire to produce nutrient rich food. It takes commitment for certain, but once you understand the growing nature of your garden, it will be second nature to accomplish each season.

At Growing Society, we strongly feel you will be rewarded for your efforts – both in physical health, as well as the mental benefits that will stem from knowing you are creating sustainable solutions for you, your family, and your environment!

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