What is the difference between the fertilizers I find at the garden centers and box stores to the fertilizers found at quality hydroponic stores?

For one, garden centers and box stores sell supplies to people growing in soil which already contain various elements. Two, hydroponic stores sell to people mostly growing in inert media such as peat moss, coco fiber, perlite, rockwool or clay pebbles in that all nutrients must be supplied from the nutrient solution. What does this mean? It means that fertilizers sold at the big stores are cheap, incomplete and meant to be used with soil or dirt that already contain some elements. If you used some of the popular brands in a hydroponic environment you would develop deficiencies and plant health would suffer greatly. Conversely the fertilizers sold in quality hydroponic stores are complete balanced nutrient solutions meant to provide all of the macro, micro and essential elements necessary for rapid healthy growth that could be used with soil as well. Another thing about using proper hydroponic fertilizer is that they are designed for fast growing annuals to achieve maximum results.


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