Have you ever grown zucchini ? Well if you have and you’d like to try something new or you haven’t and you’d like to try it out we recommend growing some round zucchini!

Round zucchini of the Cucurbitaceae family are a fun and easy fruit (yes a fruit, being the ovary of the zucchini flower) to grow in your garden. Some say it has a more rich and nutty flavor compared to its elongated relative but I’d argue that they taste much sweeter. We grew some here and they were awesome!

Round Zucchini require full exposure to the sun and should be grown in a warm season or a summer replicating indoor environment. Plant in late May or early June and seeds should sprout within one to two weeks.

For best results we recommend planting three seeds in each hole an inch deep. Ideally your soil pH should be in the 6.0 to 6.7 range. Grow in rich, well drained soil and fertilize with compost, manure or store-bought fertilizer. Zucchinis require a lot of water and food but overwatering will lead to plant diseases and withered fruits can rot and destroy the rest of your crop so be sure to keep an eye on them.

A common complaint with zucchini is mildew growth, to prevent this avoid overhead watering but water directly into the soil instead. If you do get mildew be sure to pick these leaves and dispose of them somewhere other than your compost to keep it from being contaminated and useful as fertilizer.

Be careful when harvesting not to hurt yourself on their prickly stems and leaves. Harvest regularly to encourage more fruit growth. Different sources will tell you when it is best to harvest your crop for the best taste. We found with our particular round zucchini breed that if picked earlier while they were still green and not quite ‘ripe’ they retained a sweeter flavor.

Now go out and grow!  Let us know how it goes on our Facebook or twitter!  Cheers!

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