Although “winter gardening” might seem like a contradiction in terms, there are a variety of vegetables that thrive in the cooler climate of later fall and early winter, that can be harvested straight through until spring.

In fact, many winter-grown vegetables actually improve upon their flavour, texture and level of sweetness as the air cools …the secret is choosing the right kind of vegetables that can withstand the winter months.

Your Optimal Winter Harvest

Arugula: acting as a great salad green, arugula can be grown year round without concern.

Beets: this purple treat of a vegetable can be grown from early spring right through until the end of July. They should be picked every 3 weeks, and the best winter varieties as Red Ace and Winterkeeper.

Brussels Sprouts: be sure to plant these indoors in early June, and transplant them outside by early August. These too can stay out all winter, and are actually sweetened by the winter frost.

Broccoli: broccoli can be grown throughout the winter, with Raab being the best kind to do so. Fresh beef and broccoli stir-fry all year round? Yum!

Cabbage: for the fall and winter varieties, try Danish Ballhead, Embassy, January King, and Ermosa. 
Whether you enjoy this hardy vegetable in a salad or in a cabbage roll, it’s full of nutrients.

Carrots: for the fall and winter varieties, try Campestra, Bolero, and Scarlet Nantes for the best results. The perks of growing carrots in the winter – no bunnies about to snack on your growth.

Kale: Kale has become a popular super food packed full of beta-carotene, Vitamin C and calcium, and can be grown without cover all winter. Multiple benefits.

Other hardy vegetables that weather well in winter include:

–       Leeks

–       Lettuce

–       Parsley:

–       Parsnips

–       Rutabagas

–       Scallions

–       Spinach

–       Swiss Chard

–       Turnips


At Growing Society, we know that growing your own food will create sustainable solutions for you, your family, and your environment. It is fun, straightforward, and the end results are truly delicious!

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