GMO’s are a hot topic in the health food industry these days, and many people are better understanding what it means to have your foods come from GMO grown crops. Many individuals are now wanting to avoid purchasing from such modified foods, and with demand – always comes solutions!

Making healthy food choices is about choosing the foods that are the most natural …food that has not been tampered with by scientists looking to grow massive crops at unnatural rates. So how do we know which foods are which?

Apps to Help You Shop Green and Clean…

dirtydozenappiconDirty Dozen. This free app is provided to you through a non-profit environmental research organization, and focuses on the levels of pesticides in your produce. In addition, you can check out the Dirty Dozen Plus for an expanded app offering a list of hot peppers and leafy greens.


goodguideappiconGood Guide. This app is also free and offers information about produce AND pet food. It filters your food into categories such as: organic and vegan, and provides various nutrition information for both people and pet …great for the pet lovers out there looking to shop for natural products for the whole family – fur and all!


SeasonsappiconSeasons. This paid app lists the season in which fruit and veggies are grown, listing hundreds of kinds of produce to help you choose “in season”. From herbs to mushrooms to fruits …it’s a wealth of information.


truefoodappiconTrue food. This is a free app helping shoppers identify which foods contain GMOs, including dairy products, meat, and meat alternatives. A lot of countries to do have to label their foods regarding their use of GMO’s, but that is a battle currently being fought!


At Growing Society, we believe that natural foods grown through an all-natural means will provide the consumer with the most benefits, and ward off any negative side-effects from the unnatural growth or modifications of foods. We hope this information has and will help you in making health-full choices!


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