Pesticides are simply not received with open arms from consumers which is a sad fact because they are missing out on the benefits of using natural pesticides that can be used even in organic gardens.  The knowledgeable public wants to know that their food is coming from a natural place, filled with healthy nutrients and unhampered by unnatural chemicals so we here at Growing Society have compiled a list of a few natural pesticides to look for :

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary has been used since ancient times for a variety of purposes from herb seasoning to cosmetic care to religious ceremonies.  The Romans have considered it sacred while Egyptians used it for incense.  But now rosemary has found new purpose!  Extracted oil from Rosemary leaves can be used to make natural pesticides without environmental risks.  Rosemary oil is a known insect larvae deterrent that targets specific species of caterpillar that have been known to destroy entire crops of tomatoes, cucumbers and even some rooted vegetables if left undisturbed.  Not only does it work on bugs though, Rosemary oil is also known for its strong fungicidal properties and as a cat deterrent.  Keep the pesky neighborhood cat from digging in your garden and keep your prized crop insect free at the same time!


If you’re not growing Painted Daisy Perennials or Chrysanthemums in your garden, you should be!  They contain the natural chemical compound found in most natural insecticides : Pyrethrins.  Pyrethrins are neurotoxins that attack the nervous systems of all insects.  They are super degradable and break down with exposure to light or oxygen, killing your insects upon contact then dissipating without trace.

Try out these all-natural insecticides you can make at home and keep an eye out for the good ones in store next time you’re looking for helpful and not harmful commercial pesticides.




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